To make updates easier and quicker for everyone, we only perform product and website/app updates during office hours.

Office Hours Updates (Mon-Fri 9-5)

  • Product adding/price updates
  • Changing of delivery postcodes
  • Discount and free product updates
  • Opening Hours updates glucophage xr koupit
  • Bank details updated
  • Website/App programming updates
  • Removing of website orders to improve website performance
  • Export of website orders
  • EPOS updates
  • Any other non urgent issues


Out office updates (Mon-Fri 5-9 and Sat-Sun 5-9)

  • Server performance i.e. website running slow
  • Website offline or not responding
  • Paid orders stuck or not recieved
  • SMS Printer – order stuck etc


Please note: we do not deal with any issues outside these times via phone. Please email support@thefoodhouse.co.uk outside these times for any issues.

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