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The FoodHouse website allows customers to search our website, find a local takeaway or restaurant and order food directly on our website, customers can pay by cash or card.

Our joining fee is just £99 and you will also need to pay for your equipment to receive your orders. We have various packages available or you can use your own laptop/pc or android tablet. Cash and/or card only version available on request.

Existing customers with their own website only need to activate our service and orders from The FoodHouse will arrive with your regular website orders, whichever method you use to receive them.

We can also divert your domain to our website so customers can order directly on our website.


Our rates are capped, so you know the maximum you will ever spend in any given week.


Existing customer website                   6%      (capped at a maximum of £60 per week)
The FoodHouse only website              8%      (capped at a maximum of £80 per week)

The FoodHouse fees are collected automatically with customers paying by debit/credit card. Cash order fees are collected at the end of each month by Direct Debit on an agreed date (normally 3-10th of the month)


Note: Government issued ID required for this service e.g. Driving Licence or Passport

Just a £5 single fixed monthly fee – All UK Cards : 2.5% + 25p

(£5 monthly not required for our existing customers with our website who use our payment service already – this fee is paid at the end of each month via direct debit)

All payments arrive in your bank 5 working days after collection from your customer. ‘The FoodHouse – Business Name’ will appear on the customers bank statement.

The FoodHouse has no fixed term contract and only requires 2 working days’ notice to cancel your agreement at any time.

Equipment Packages

We have several equipment packages available to receive your orders. To keep costs lower for you we do not provide any internet or equipment within our setup cost. As a result, you can make savings and get your equipment at a cheaper rate.

You will also be responsible for any stationary required for your printer. However, printer rolls and other accessories are available on request. Please ask for our current price list.

Existing customers with our website do not require any further equipment.

The following packages are available:

Use your own Pc/Laptop# PC and printer supplied by The FoodHouse& GPRS/Wifi
Cost £0 From £200 £200 From £50
Setup Cost £30 £0 £0 £0
Printing available YES* YES YES COMING SOON%
Internet required Broadband Broadband SIM/Broadband SIM/Broadband

Note. You are responsible for any internet monthly costs. Sims can be provided for a monthly cost of £10 per month if required.

* Only possible if you have your own printer.
# This must be a fresh install of windows/linux and be a dedicated ordering pc
% Printing from tablet available soon. Printer cost is £50
& New and refurbished packages available from £250 including setup and delivery.

IT Support packages are available on request. Telephone support available for equipment supplied.

For any change requests please book them through our support website >> Click HERE for Support

Use of The FoodHouse website is subject to our terms and conditions available on request.

We also offer a 0% commision website with your own branding. For more information click HERE.

To sign up give us a call on 0330 3210389 or fill in our form HERE and we will call you back.

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