We hope the FAQ’s below answer a lot of your questions. Should you have a question, please send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you within 3 working days viagra genérico portugal.

About The FoodHouse

  • How does the restaurant receive our order?

    Your order is processed and sent to the restaurant directly via a web browser or app. Some restaurant orders are sent via email.

    In most cases you will receive an order confirmation email to confirm the order has been accepted and what time you can expect delivery of your order.

    All deliveries are completed by the restaurant themselves. The FoodHouse does not operate any type of delivery service.

  • How much does The FoodHouse cost?

    Our website is FREE to use and orders are sent directly to the restaurant. Payments are processed securely via our bank and your card details are not stored in anyway on our network.

  • What is The FoodHouse

    We are a local business who have partnered with many local takeaways across the North East of England and beyond to help them save money from using the large takeaway ordering sites like Just-Eat etc.

    Help local businesses by ordering directly on our site as our processing rates are much lower which means you can save money and get better deals.

  • Finding a Restaurant

    • How do I find a restaurant that delivers to me?

      On our home page, once you have entered your postcode and clicked ‘Search Now’. Only restaurants that deliver to your address will be shown.

      We will be adding more restaurants all the time so keep checking our website.

    • Can I choose a cuisine?

      Yes, this can be done on our home page. Just change the cuisine type on the drop down of our home page.

    • Placing your order

      • I have a food allergy or intolerance. How can I tell the restaurant on my order?

        If you have any type of food allergy or require a specific type of dietary requirement. Please mention this in the order comments when you place your order. You may wish to place the order via the phone instead to make sure your order is completed to your exact requirements.

      • I noticed that you can save card details. What does that mean?

        The FoodHouse allows you to store your card details in your account. However we do not store those card details anywhere in our database. A special code is created which only works with your login details and will allow you a quicker checkout the next time.

        We do not store any card details anywhere in our network or database so they cannot be stolen and they are very secure. Our website has been built in such a way to protect your payment and card details with many fraud protection policies and prevention in place.

      • What happens if my card is declined?

        If you card payment is declined your bank may hold the funds from your account. If you retry again on your card, normally only the difference is collected. However if you make no further orders this payment will be released automatically by your bank about 3 working days later.

        Please take care when using your card to enter the correct details, especially the card address information.

      • How do I place an order?

        To place an order simply go to our home page and enter your postcode then click search.

        A list of restaurants nearby that deliver to your address will be shown and you can view their menu by clicking on the link.

        Once you have chosen your restaurant you can add items to the basket and follow the process for delivery or collection of your order.

      • After your order

        • My order has not arrived yet or the time on the order confirmation has passed. What can I do?

          Please contact the restaurant directly using the contact number on the email confirmation. There can be all sorts of reasons why this can happen and the restaurant where you have ordered from will be able to answer your question directly.

        • My order never arrived, what can I do?

          If you have paid by card, please contact us and we can liaise with the restaurant to find out what happened. Please send us a message and don’t forget to include your order number. Once we have investigated your order we will get back to you.

        • I received an incorrect item or something was missing from my order. What can I do?

          In most cases the restaurant concerned will be happy to replace or deliver the missing item. Please contact the restaurant first on the phone number within your order confirmation email. Don’t forget to leave a review of the restaurant.

          If you are still not able to resolve your issue, please send us a message and we will try to help you resolve this with the restaurant. However we recommend this is done on the same day as the order has been placed.

        • I did not enjoy my food, what can I do now?

          Please contact the restaurant directly using the phone number on your order email. We also recommend you leave an honest review of the restaurant in accordance with our guidelines.

        • My Account

          • Can I cancel my account?

            Yes, you can request your account to be closed. Please contact us and request this.

          • How do I reset my password?

            Simply go to the My Account page and click on the forgotten password link. You will be able to then enter your email address and request a new password link. Check your email (don’t forget to check the spam folder) for the password reset email from our website. Once you have clicked the link in the email, you will be taken to our website to reset your password.

          • How can I change my password?

            Once you have logged into your account at the top of the page. Simply choose the ‘Account Details’ option from the menu. You can also change your email address if necessary in this area.

          • Payment and refunds

            • Do you charge a service fee?

              Yes, this is a standard 50p to cover our operational costs. This cost is not passed to the restaurant and is not their fee.

            • I need a refund what can I do?

              If you need a refund please contact the restaurant concerned in the first instance. If you paid by cash you would of given this to the delivery driver and therefore we are unable to refund this to you.

              Alternative if you have paid by card, please contact the restaurant directly to try and resolve your issue. Alternatively please contact us and we will liaise on your behalf. If appropriate we can then refund back to your card.

            • Restaurant Reviews

              • How do I add a review?

                You can only add a review from a restaurant you have ordered from previously. All reviews are checked to make sure they are compliant with our standards. Any offensive or inappropriate reviews will not be allowed on our website.

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